Thursday, November 5, 2009

Flu and Fabric

What a few weeks we have had at our house. Son and Hubby came in last weekend from work and college; one had the flu and the other had walking pneumonia. I was always told that the caregiver won't get sick! Wrong! And I took great precautions not to get contaminated. One week off work and haven't been able to sew a lick! Thankfully, I am out of bed today and feel up to a little post.

I thought I would post some pictures of new fabric I "collected" last month.
A layer cake and jelly roll of Moda Nest! I found this at a Quilt Show in Ponchtoula, La. I was so lucky to find this at 60% off! Surely they didn't realize what they had!

I also found this fabulous collection of yellow and blue fat quarters at the Quilt Show from True Blue by Elenor Burns! I can't wait to cut into this!

But, alas, I need to complete a few other projects before I cut into these. Finishing the flannel quilt and curtains for the dining room and kitchen must be done first. Hopefully I will feel up to a bit of sewing tomorrow! Let's just not tell them at work!


  1. Get well soon SewGlenda! love all your new fabric, especially the Moda Nest. I'm sure you will make something wonderful from it all!

  2. Aww..I am so sorry to hear how sick you all have been! I was worried when I didn't see anything going on here!! The sewing will wait. Keep resting up and get better!!

  3. I literally missed a heartbeat when I saw your Nest package. 60% off ... really?? ugh, I want some Nest so badly...lucky you. would you care to swap some fabrics for your Nest? just asking... :)

  4. Jenny! I will really put some thought into that! hmmm...

  5. Hi Glenda, I hope you are feeling much better now. I'm sending out a little something for Xmas to my blog followers and I would like a mailing address for you. If you email me via Aunty Hennys that would be great. Thanks!
    Happy Sewing

  6. Hi Glenda, sorry, I've tried to email you, but it's bouncing back saying mailbox disabled:-(

    Perhaps your mailbox is full?

    my email:

  7. Glenda...I am getting worried about you'. Haven't seen anything from you in awhile. Everything ok????

  8. I am fine; just crazy busy. I have much to tell you all about. If I can just get around to taking some pictures of the SEVEN projects I have been working on!

    Love you all and promise a post soon. Please don't give up on me!

  9. Never give up on you....just worry!! Glad everyone is okay. I hate when life gets in our way like this!!