Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cute Little Bag!

My sweet friend Elly quilted my ugly brown quilt for me, so in return, I made her this cute little bag using the dresden plate featured on my title.

Monday, July 5, 2010

And Life Continues...

I surely thought I would be posting a picture of some completed quilts by now, but life has had other ideas. So much has happened this year.

On June 7th, my Father-in-law passed away after a long battle with Alzhiemer's. Working in Hospice, I see deaths every day, one would think I would be quite able to confort my family as they grieved. It is difficult under any circumstances, but, experiencing death personally only reminds me that when families we take care of at work lose a loved one, it is a once in a lifetime moment for them and I must remain vigilent to comfort them, never letting it become a daily occurance for me. My husband had a difficult time with his father's death- he is doing better day by day.

On top of having a death in the family, our 23 year old daughter decided that house rules didn't apply to her, that she would not be told what to do or when to come home and that she was moving out despite the fact that she was fired from her job of two years. She has broken my heart into. I hope she will be ok. I haven't heard from her in 5 days. Please pray for her. She has always had to work a little harder than her peers to get by and I am not certain she understands the ramifications of what she is doing. She has Mosaic Down Syndrome and has accomplished more than we ever dreamed she would. She graduated from High School and Trade school, drives herself all over the place and has always been a great young lady ( yet, a stubborn one.) I pray that she makes good choices and seeks the Lord in her dealings. I pray that she is successful in her endeavors. I miss her.

Experiencing all of these things while I have been recovering from surgery have been difficult. However, I have has some solice in several different things.

Firstly, I have the promise that Jesus loves me and He loves my daughter. I have my wonderful husband and son. I have a great job that keeps me grounded.

Secondly, I can lose myself in sewing. Each stitch I make, each garment I complete or block I sash together work out the pain and joy of life.

Thirdly, I am an avid gardener. While all of this has been going on, I have canned corn, peas tomatoes, squash and peppers. Put away hundreds of quarts of food for my family, all while tending my beautiful cottage garden full of every flower imaginable.

Nothing makes me feel more womanly or peaceful or successful than creating something from a peice of fabric or putting food away for my family.

I think I will end this long, pictureless, rambling post with a little poem I wrote a few years ago. I am sorry for airing my laundry here, but I felt if I wrote it down, I might somehow feel lighter.

So, Let me prepare a meal for you; it nourishes my spirit.
Let me sew you a quilt; it warms my heart.
Let me tend your garden; it feeds my soul.
Let me comfort you; it heals me.
Glenda Beasley, 2006