Thursday, November 5, 2009

Flu and Fabric

What a few weeks we have had at our house. Son and Hubby came in last weekend from work and college; one had the flu and the other had walking pneumonia. I was always told that the caregiver won't get sick! Wrong! And I took great precautions not to get contaminated. One week off work and haven't been able to sew a lick! Thankfully, I am out of bed today and feel up to a little post.

I thought I would post some pictures of new fabric I "collected" last month.
A layer cake and jelly roll of Moda Nest! I found this at a Quilt Show in Ponchtoula, La. I was so lucky to find this at 60% off! Surely they didn't realize what they had!

I also found this fabulous collection of yellow and blue fat quarters at the Quilt Show from True Blue by Elenor Burns! I can't wait to cut into this!

But, alas, I need to complete a few other projects before I cut into these. Finishing the flannel quilt and curtains for the dining room and kitchen must be done first. Hopefully I will feel up to a bit of sewing tomorrow! Let's just not tell them at work!