Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Few More Bags!

If you might be wondering if I have forsaken quilting, ohhh no, never! I need an extra source of income and these bags turn around fairly quickly and I find it very difficult to put a value on my quilts (and part with them)! IF you know anyone interested in bags for Christmas gifts please pass my sight along to them. I am going to make it a point to find my good camera this weekend and hopefully you won't have to suffer with these Iphone pics  they just don't do my bags justice!

This first bag is gorgeous! The price is $72.
 This bag is 16 wide x 13 tall. It is a fun bag, and like most of my bags, is large enough for a tote, diaper bag or laptop bag. This bag is $65.
 The next two bags are 13 X 13, have 3 generous pockets and can be trimmed in any color! These bags are $35.

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