Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quilts Blowing in the Wind

This is part of what I have completed in December 09.
Shown above are three completed quilts and 3 tops. I completed 2 more tops; one is hanging in Kelley's Pins and Needles and the other was a gift that I didn't get a photo of.
Please be patient with me as I learn to use my new Cannon Powershot super huge, smarter than me, camera.

Below is my 23 year old daughter, Sherri's quilt. It is made from the Turning Twenty pattern.
My 19 year old son, Bailey's, quilt is shown below. After following some one else suggestion and pinning the quilt sandwich together instead of using spray adhesive like I usually do, I was not happy. I will stick with the adhesive unless it is a really small quilt. This quilt is 90 x 90 and I only have my floor to sandwich on, it was, again, like wrestling an anaconda and I got less than desirable results. It is very lightly quilted using the stitch in the ditch technique.

This is my Mother-in-Law's quilt. Very simple vintage inspired layer cake.

The quilt top above is one of the prettiest ones I have ever made. I love the rich colors.

The top below is a Turning Twenty self challenge to combine wild, crazy colors.
The brown quilt below was created by combiningg a bunch of ugly fabric that turned into a gorgeous top. When I was in the quilt shop picking the fabric out, the owner Kelley said the fabric was " so not me." She, nor I, could beleive the results!

Thank you for looking.

I wish you all a wonderful New Year filled with creativity, wealth and health!


  1. SewGlenda SEW!! Wow!!! I'm wondering if you actually slept during December:-) You sure achieved a lot of projects! I just love your Daughter's quilt and also your challenge turning 20. I think you should call your brown quilt "The ugly duckling" because it has turned into an absolutely gorgeous quilt!!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Um.... could you please adopt me?! Beautiful quilts Glenda - well done!

  3. Glenda, I am speechless you quilting whirlwind! All of those are gorgeous. You must be so proud of yourself!! My fave is the one in the middle with the rust and browns. That is stunning! I still have a bunch of tops to quilt. I am determined to actually quilt and finish any new top I make and quilt the ones I already have done!!

  4. Great quilts

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. Love those quilts! I love the photo of them hanging on the fence!

  6. Awesome picture of the quilts hanging on the fence. Love them all.
    You mentioned using that spray adhesive for sandwiching quilts. I may have to buy some and give it a try.
    You have been VERY busy.
    Here's to lots of quilting in 2010.