Monday, September 21, 2009

Freezer Died This Weekend...

Terrible loss...In my craziness and hurriedness, I left the door to our freezer open( for two weeks). It was full of fresh veggies and fruit that I canned this summer. Over 100 quarts of corn, same amount of peas and butterbeans, deer meat and beef, all lost. A co-worker suggested contacting our homeowner's insurance, I didn't, because no amount of money could cover all the hard work that went into putting that food up and our deductible is indescribable...Oh well, no homegrown veggies this winter! Oh, and the freezer motor burned up! All my fault.

On a brighter note-This is that bright, sunny little quilt getting its final quilting stiches sewn on! I love it, love it, love it! I also love the lime green Arrow table it is sitting on. I mentioned to hubby having seen a wonderful sewing table. I explained to him it was not only a sewing cabinet, but a fine peice of furniture that may double as a buffet in the dining room. He insisted I get the table. But, I know how his brain works. He wants a motorcycle, you see "He is going to DIE if he doesn't get a big ole HARLEY DAVIDSON SOFTTAIL CUSTOM DELUXE." ( The Harley deal is a whole new post.) But I got the table, so I am slowly getting accustomed to the Harley thing...I am only having full out "certain-I-am-having-a heart-attack" spells once a day now! Sorry, I digressed again.)

Here a pictures of the front and back. I think I will call it Sunshine on My Shoulder's. (Don't know why I am calling it that other than I sang the song the whole time I was quilting it.)

Not that you can see the quilting on this little quilt, as I am a terrible photographer, it is really quite pretty. I used my walking foot and did wavy lines. I quess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, because I am thinking it is just fabulous!!!

Now to decide which fabric needs to be Sunshine's binding!


  1. I love your quilting! Is it just the width of your walking foot?

    How about a pieced binding, using all of the fabrics in the 9 patch blocks? Assuming of course you have any fabric left! Also love the green fabrics in your backing, they would look great next to your red border.

  2. Hello again,
    Checking out your progress, wow, you are sewing up a storm.
    I love the new quilt. Your machine quilting is great.
    I haven't been posting on my blog lately. But I did finish a wallhanging (put the binding on) for a co-worker-- now I can get back to the New York Beauty, if I remember how to do the paperpiecing that is. haha.
    I will be adding your blog to my favorites list.
    Helen in Mass.

  3. go, girl! That is absolutely stunning!!

  4. absolutely so cute! what a pocket full of sunshine this quilt is!