Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday at the Beasley's

Gobble, Gobble by Moda

This is another one of my "didn't have a plan" projects. I saw wonky blocks in a magazine and thought, "How hard could that be?" It wasn't hard, but their's sure was prettier!

The fabric is from the Gobble, Gobble by Moda collection and I LOVE it!
Don't cha think it kinda looks like spooky eyes looking at you? Hmm...
In retrospect, I am not even certain this is a wonky block, maybe it is a log cabin gone wrong??? At least the cactus is gorgeous!

Here is a close up of one of the blocks.
I had strips leftover from a little sample wall hanging from Gobble, Gobble that I did for Kellie's Pins and Needles. Seeing how I haven't figured out how to throw even the tiniest scraps away yet, I just started sewing them up! I think wewill call it a table runner!
Next time I try wonky blocks I will look at some of the fine tutorials on other this one at Cluck Cluck Sew!

Boy, if I would have only looked at her fabulous instructions first!
Oh, my! When I was clicking on her site for a link, I saw her Double Hourglass Tutorial. All I can say is YA'LL GO LOOK! She is so talented and creative!

On a different note, Hubby helped me make a fabulous salad for supper tonight. Lots of fresh veggies and some left over grilled steak from last night. It was delicious, homemade dressing and all! Our evening has been great, the kid's are out doing their own thing and for a change we have the house to ourselves! (If your thinking Yippee for me, don't...I am blogging and he is on the sofa asleep!)

We are in the process of putting a wood fence aroung our yard to keep future cows out. It started with the idea of just having barbed wire, but WE can't do anything the easy way. I told hubby that he just created work! I can't complain or fuss, because for all of his hard work our home and land are just beautiful!

I will put a photo up tomorrow of the new fence. You will see that I will have plenty more opportunities to practice my landscaping skills. A curving row of Knock Out roses would be stunning lining the fence.

My Newest Project
I am making this to hang in my dining room! I love the bright 30's fabric. The backing is peiced. I love peiced backings. One solid block of fabric on the back of a quilt is gorgeous on other folks quilts, but I like a little craziness on the back of mine!

Now, before any one thinks I don't know, I know that this quilt is quite wrinkled. I hauled it around folded in the trunk of my car for about a week. All you quilters know why I hauled it around. I HAD to show it off! In doing so, I showed my little work of art to my quilty friend, Ms Carolyn, who ever so gently and kindly informed me that one should never use pure white in a quilt! I thought that was the most hilarious thing I had ever heard. ..Turns out, there is some "rule" in the quilting commandments that states pure white that is solid without relief should not be used in a quilt top. Ha! Good thing I don't follow rules! (I'm just jesting Ms Carolyn, if you told me that I should layer a quilt with the batting on top of the quilt top, I would do it!)

The little quilt is now neatly pressed and sandwiched and currently on my machine being quilted. Ya'll are gonna faint when you see how I am quilting it!

But that will be another post! And the Turning Twenty turned out beautifully and is hanging in Kellie's shop for a couple of months. I will post a pic when I get a chance to take one.


  1. Wow, Glenda...look at you go!! I just love the quilt with the all white background. I think that goes great with 30's fabrics! I have a big thing for 30's fabrics and have a nice collection waiting for me to start using them.
    The wonky block table runner turned out fine, too!Here is another link for a quilt kinda like that. She is starting her "quilt for an hour" tomorrow. Maybe you could sew along!

  2. Thanks Reenie! I will have a look!