Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ok! Here is the deal!

I have sewn since I could see over a sewing machine! My earliest memory is hiding myself under Grandmother's Quilting frame during a Mississippi summer thunderstorm. I loved sewing, but it never occurred to me to attempt quilting.

Several years ago, I made a new friend in the gardening community. As I helped her design her landscape, I became intoxicated with the beautiful quilts she had hanging in her home. At the moment I saw them, I became badly infected with the quilting bug.
I was so eager to learn, but found her "all hand sewing" approach beyond my idea of fun and beyond my capacity to sit still. Machine quilting would be the way for me!
Diane is not only one of my dearest friend now, she is a powerful prayer partner and a great encourager, not only in my quilting endeavors, but in all other situatios that might occur in my life.

Thank you Diane, for re-introducing me to this wonderful passion. I look forward to learning to quilt and hopefully encouraging someone else with this attempt at blogging.

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