Friday, September 11, 2009

I Really Can Follow Directions!

Just so you know, I can follow directions (mostly). Things go much smoother when I do. But, time and time again I jump into project without much of a plan at all! I followed directions for this 45 x 45 wall hanging.
This is my Christmas wall hanging from 2008. It is done in deep tone on tone reds, brown based florals, green tone on tone and a lovely little floral stripe. It compliments my decor so well that I leave it displayed year round.
The pattern is out of Quilter's Magazine, if you are interested, let me know and I will dig out the issue.
By the way, I learned a huge lesson on this project as well. PREWASH!!! ( The fabric shrank when I washed if after I completed it. It wasn't so lopsided before I washed it! Live and learn.


  1. haha..been there, done that, glenda!! You know, I LIKE the puckery look that happens when you don't prewash. Makes it look older to me. Anywho...we must be related because those are MY colors, too! I just love that wall hanging. It turned out so well!!

  2. I Love That....I too like the puckery gaves it an antique look. Love The Colors.
    Prayers, Bo