Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My First Quilt

As per my blog title, you might guess that I don't always do things the "right" way! My first quilt was a doozy! I chose a sampler several charm packs and a jelly roll by Moda's wonderful Portugal collection. I am the type to just jump right in...and, as we say in Mississippi: This 'bout whipped me!

I made every mistake one might make attempting to make a quilt. I had no idea that one should sew 1/4 seams, or that using what-ever color bobbin I might have in my drawer might cause disaster. I purchased a million yards of fabric to enlarge the quilt because I just guessed that surely it would be at least full bed size. I didn't know to square up with each block......SOOOOO...I ended up with a quilt top that was at leat 30 feet out of square. I ripped the whole thing back down to the squares (after a huge temper tantrum, only to realize that this was just a lesson in patience) adding sashing and borders as directed by the really wonderful directions that I didn't follow, ending up with a quilt top about an inch out of square.

I had no idea how to sandwich a quilt, or quilt it. I am not going to tell you how I sandwiched it, I think it would border on, well, it might be a hanging offense.

So, with the top and back sloppily put together, I got out my trusty old machine, took the foot off of it and went to town"free motion quilting. (Just a note: This does not work well with out the appropriate equipment.) I broke 300 needles, declared that it was the machine fault, convinced Hubby I must have a new machine to be successful at my newest passion. He agreed, but suggested quilting lessons might be in order as well! Ha! "I have been sewing all my life", he was curtly informed!

I got a new machine with a fancy free motion foot and a jillion quilting stitches built in and I discovered free tutorials on awesome quilting blogs. Thank you Jesus!

Things would start to turn around! A beautiful new sewing machine (a Janome 6500), quite a bit of humility and embarressment and now I have 6 quilts behind me, 13 (really, not exaggerating on this number) started and a fabric collection that I am sure might qualify me for free mental treatment!
I am so eager to learn, so eager to try new techniques and evn make new mistakes. Thanks for taking the time to read my silliness, and.....
If ya want to know how not to bind a quilt, just ask me!


  1. I have seen this ladies work and she truly does beautiful work. After all, this lady is my younger sister. I can't wait to see her next quilt or pillow or wall hanger, or whatever it turns out to be. I know it will be a "pretty" as our older sister says. Jan

  2. I love your first quilt. I think it turned out great. I especially like the oblong block in the right top corner.
    You are doing a fantastic job. Keep up the good work.
    Helen in Massachusetts