Friday, September 11, 2009

Thank God It is Friday!

There are about a million things that I love about Friday! The end of the work week means some much needed rest and much needed family time! Bailey is coming home from college, Sherri Girl will be off of work and Dan, my rugged, hard-working hunk of a husband will be coming home, too! Dan lives out of town and is only home on the weekends.

Hubby and nephew , Austin napping on the "fishing deck".

But, alas, this weekend hunky hubby will not be coming home, as he has been called to another location and will be working the next three weeks...I will miss him terribly!

Hubby loves that I sew, but he is not in the LEAST pleased about the current mess in our dining room... (where I sew because my sewing room is occupied by a sweet young man that needed a place to stay for a little while). I will show you all a picture of the dining/slash sewing room when I get to know ya better!

Turning Twenty, Again and Again and Again...

Anyway, back to the good freind Kellie of Kellie's Pins and Needles asked me to make a sample for her store. She selected a gorgeous collection of Free Spirit fabric called Cloe's Imagination by Tina Givens.

Isn't it fabulous! I love the wonderful colors and the mix of bumblebees, ladybugs and faux flowers! ( A photographer I am not, perhaps I should take some classes...or then, maybe it is my camera???)

We will blame it on the rain! Yeah, yeah.

Kellie asked me to choose 20 peices of the collection and her only stipulation was that it be made by the Turning Twenty pattern! How easy could that be? Yeah, right!

Right off the bat, I cut the large squares 10 inches instead of 10 1/2 inches! Of course, I was using the stack and whack method, so I cut six of the fat quarters wrong. I was forced to modify the rest of the pattern. After the initial mistake, the cutting went well and I was able to get all of the blocks completed evening before last.

The laying out of the squares would prove most difficult. I could not find my little Turning Twenty book anywhere! Having made a quilt top from the pattern last year, I decided I could wing it! WRONG! Wrong, wrong.

Tonight is my second night of trying to lay this blasted thing out. I always have 1 block that is "out of wack"! In this photo I think 15 out of 20 are turned wrong!

I have turned 20 blocks 65 times! If only I could find the pattern book! I feel like the man on the commercial that has the big fine house and beautiful vehicles, and is crying "Somebody help me"! while he is riding his big new lawnmower and he hasn't a clue how he will pay for it all.

Enough fussing for now. Signing off to turn twenty a few more times. Perhaps tomorrow I will have a post of the top completed.

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  1. remember in quilting there is NO wrong way; JUST ART!